Practice Schedule

Practice sessions at the Ottawa Palyul Centre are open to all who wish to explore the teachings of Buddhism and the  riches of their own mind. Our sessions include:

  • Silent and guided meditation for the purpose of stilling the mind and regaining equilibrium in our daily lives;
  • Vajrayana visualization practice and rituals that are intended to transform those deep-seated aspects of ourselves  that the conscious mind cannot access;
  • Dharma talks, debates, and discussions where we can learn from tradition, question tradition, challenge our ordinary perceptions of things, and expand our intellect.

All sessions take place at the Centre, 58 Lindhurst Crescent. There are no fees for participating in any Dharma activity at the Centre. Our work is carried out entirely by volunteers and the bills are paid by the donations of those who wish to see this Centre continue and flourish. If you find yourself returning because you benefit from our activities, then do help us in whatever ways you can.