Dedication Of Merit

Sod Nam Di Yi Tham Ched Zig Pa Nyid
By this merit, through the nature of Awakened mind,
Thob Nei Nyei Pa'i Dra Nam Pham Chei Shing
And the total defeat of all negative forces,
Kye Ga Na Chi'i Ba Long Trug Pa Yi
From the turbulent waves of birth, old age, sickness and death,
Sid Pa'i Tso Lei Dro Wa Drol War Shog
From this ocean of existence, may all beings be set free!

Through this accumulation of priceless merit dedicated to all beings,
may they never be separated from the precious Dharma.
By myself and others perfectly realizing the two purposes,
May the melodious beat of the Dharma drum beautify this world.
May the propagation of the Buddha's teaching be ever increasing.
May all sentient beings be blissful and happy,
May they practice the Dharma through the day and night,
And may the two purposes - of self and others - be spontaneously accomplished.