Twenty One Verses In Praise Of Tara

OM! Homage to the holy and noble Tara.

1. Homage, Tara, quick and brave, whose eyes flash like lightning,
Born from the open corolla of the lotus face of the Lord of the triple world.

2. Homage, Lady whose face is filled with a hundred autumn moons,
Blazing with the laughing beams of a thousand stars.

3. Homage, Lady whose hand is adorned with a lotus, a lotus blue and gold,
Whose field of practice is generosity, striving, austerity, calm, patience, and meditation.

4. Homage, Lady with the Tathagata crown, abiding in infinite victory,
Attained to every perfection, served by the sons of the Buddha.

5. Homage, Lady who fills all quarters of space with the
sounds of TUTTARE and HUNG,
Trampling the seven worlds with her feet, able to summon all before her.

6. Homage, Lady worshipped by Indra, Agni, Brahma, by
the Maruts and Vishveshvara,
Honoured by hosts of spirits, of ghosts, celestials and yakshas.

7. Homage, Lady who destroys the spells of others with
the sounds of TRAT (TRE) and PHAT (PE),
Trampling with left foot up and right extended, blazing with a blazing mass of fire.

8. Homage, Lady who annihilates the heroes of Mara, TURE, the terrible lady,
Slaying all enemies by frowning the brows of her lotus face.

9. Homage, Lady holding her hand over her heart in the
mudra that symbolizes the Three Jewels,
Her palms adorned with the universal wheel swirling with masses of its own light.

10. Homage, Lady radiating garlands of light and joy from
her shining crown,
Subjugating Mara and the world with a laughing, mocking TUTTARE!

11. Homage, Lady able to summon before her all the hosts of protectors of the earth,
Saving from all distress by the movement of her frowning brows and the sound of HUNG!

12. Homage, Lady blazing with all jewels, whose diadem is a crescent moon,
Continually shining with the light from Amitabha on her mass of piled hair.

13. Homage, Lady placed within the centre of a garland that blazes like the fire at the end of the world era,
Annihilating the army of the enemy in her joyous posture of royal ease.

14. Homage, Lady who strikes the earth with her hand, who pounds upon it with her feet,
Shattering the seven underworlds with the sound of HUNG made by her frowning brows.

15. Homage, Lady  blissful, virtuous, calm, whose field of practice is calm nirvana,
With SVAHA and OM, destroying great sins.

16. Homage, Lady who shatters the bodies of enemies in her joyous posture,
Saviouress manifested from HUNG in the mantra composed of ten syllables.

17. Homage, Lady who strikes with the feet of TURE, whose seed is the form of the syllable HUNG,
Shaking Mount Meru, Mandara, Kailasha, and all the triple world.

18. Homage, Lady holding the deer-marked moon in the form of an ocean of gods,
Dispelling all poison with the sound of PHAT (PE) and twice-spoken TARA.

19. Homage, Lady served by the ruler of hosts of gods, by gods and celestials,
Dispelling disputes and bad dreams with the brilliance of her joyous armour.

20. Homage, Lady in whose eyes is the brilliant light of the sun and the full moon,
Dispelling terrible fevers and illnesses with TUTTARE and twice-spoken HARA.

21. Homage, Lady truly possessing the strength of tranquillity by the array of the three essences,
Destroying the hosts of demons, ghosts and yakshas, TURE, most excellent Lady!

This is the praise of the root mantra and the Twenty-one verses of praise.