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Weekly Meditation Drop In with Ani Samten

November 9, 2022

Weekly Meditation Drop In - Wednesdays

You are warmly invited to “drop in”!  Drop in to the freshness of the present moment, to the warmth of your kind heart, and to the joy of the present.  Yes, it’s a present!  Regular meditation, even for brief periods, gives us an opportunity to receive this present.  Maybe you will attend for your physical or mental health, or maybe because you want to develop kindness toward yourself and others, or to join with a community of people who care deeply about waking up for the benefit of the world.  There are lots of motivations for meditation and, unfortunately, lots of distractions leading us to miss out on this valuable practice.  May this weekly meditation help you to minimize the distractions and enhance your motivation.   May the community we create when we meditate together give you support and encouragement.  Each week we’ll meditate together, starting out with guidance and gradually leading into a period of silent meditation.  Following the meditation, there will be a short period during which comments and questions will be heartily welcomed.


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