Amitabha/Phowa – Full Moon Day

08 Dec

Amitabha/Phowa - Full Moon Day

Amitabha/Phowa - Full Moon Day

August 12, 2022

Today is Amitabha/Phowa Day – on the 15th of the Lunar month

Buddha Amitabha, whose name means ‘Boundless Light’ is particularly associated with the clear light of liberation that dawns when one recognizes the true nature of one’s own mind. This subtlest manifestation of mind arises also at death and is known as the clear light of death.

Phowa – Namchö Practice - The practice of conscious dying and the transfer of Consciousness to the Pure Land; a profound way in which Dharma is realized spontaneously.

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For ritual practice days, we encourage our sangha to join those Palyul Centres whose practices are led on Zoom by a resident Lama.


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