Happy Chotrul Duchen

18 Jan

Happy Chotrul Duchen

Happy Chotrul Duchen

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March 18, 2022

Celebrated on the full moon (the fifteenth day) of the first Tibetan lunar month, Chotrul Duchen (the ‘Day of Miracles’) is the first of four major prayer festivals in the Tibetan Buddhist calendar commemorating great events in the Buddha's life.  The “Day of Miracles” is celebrated by Tibetans from the first to the fifteenth of the first lunar month, so it is the first “Düchen” or “great occasion” in the Tibetan calendar, marking the beginning of the New Year. These fifteen days are “multiplying days” in which the effect of any action is magnified millions of times and the fifteenth day is especially great. Chotrul Düchen is a “ten million multiplier” day, multiplying the effects of all positive and negative actions 10 million times! It is therefore considered very beneficial to engage in positive activities on this day!

The Buddha performed these miracles in his 40th year in response to a challenge from the leaders of India’s six main philosophical schools to a contest of miraculous powers.  In India at that time great kings and noble families sponsored teachers who could perform miracles. The Buddha accepted the challenge and performed a different miracle on each of the 15 days because he knew that many would be drawn towards Enlightenment as a result of this demonstration, and people in the future would be inspired to practice. The Buddha utterly defeated his opponents and inspired many individuals to practice the Dharma. 

For ritual practice days, we encourage our sangha to join those Palyul Centres whose practices are led on Zoom by a resident Lama.

Here are some links to other Palyul Centres where you can join for practice.

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