Happy Year of the Tiger – Losar

21 Feb

Happy Year of the Tiger - Losar

Happy Year of the Tiger - Losar

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March 3, 2022


 2149 Year of the Water Tiger

May the melodious beat of the Dharma drum beautify this world!

May all sentient beings be blissful and happy!

May they practice the Dharma through the day and night!

The first day of the first month of the New Year - also known as Bum Gyur Dawa (100,000 month). The lunar month goes from new moon to new moon. In this 1st month of the Tibetan New Year the karmic results of all actions both positive and negative are multiplied by 100,000. The first 15 days of Losar commemorates the miracles that the Buddha performed to instill faith and devotion in the Dharma, so these days March 3 - 18 are considered especially auspicious for practice.

For ritual practice days, we encourage our sangha to join those Palyul Centres whose practices are led on Zoom by a resident Lama.

Here are some links to other Palyul Centres where you can join for practice.

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